Wall Panels from Acquabella

Acquabella WALL PANELS  are a new shower installation solution for bathrooms. Made to measure and textured, the panels are offered in more than 2,000 colours to suit contemporary or classic styles.

According to Acquabella's dealers the product is proving successful, especially on-trend finishes such as concrete, slate or stone effects. 3D effects are also available in vintage or loft.

The panels are also suitable for a wide variety of commercial applications such as hotels, lobby's, shops, pubs and restaurants. Easy to install (in just four simple steps) the panels are durable and waterproof.

Akron (pictured below) is another option offered by Acquabella,  manufactured in a mixture of several minerals with polyurethane resin, it gives the product a durability due to its hardness and resistance. 

The Retail Price is set per square meter meaning you pay for the exact size you need.

Adhesive is supplied to match the panels and the colour grouting to matches the joints, a stainless steel option is also available.