VitrA's new colour schemes

VitrA has unveiled a series of new designs at specialist ceramic fair Cersaie in Bologna, Italy (24 - 28 September). Introducing two new colour schemes - ColorCode and Natural Stone - the collections bring VitrA’s ongoing research in textures and materials to life.

ColorCode  (pictured) offers a variety of design possibilities. With ColorCode, VitrA has fused the urban character of concrete, the natural delicacy of wood grains, the organic element of pebbles and the radiance of metal with the timelessness of ceramic.

Other ranges include Urbancrete - a colour body porcelain collection that features a modern, architectural look imbued with the robust character of exposed concrete. Ceppostone, a reinterpretation of the traditional Italian Ceppo di Gré, an ancestral stone valued for its beauty and strength since ancient times. Scale, the Scale collection brings VitrA at the forefront of large-size tile manufacturing.  Urbanwood, made from porcelain, Urbanwood adds a modern touch to the intrinsic serenity of Scandinavian wood. Finally, Metalcrete (pictured below), in this collection, the shine of the metal sheets creates a striking contrast with the cool calm of porcelain. Available in iron and bronze, Metalcrete offers a large variety of tiling options and patterns for a sophisticated industrial look.

 With Natural Stone, VitrA continues to enrich its material portfolio with new surfaces that allow the user to create a multitude of combinations. The collection includes Stonelevel and Cardostone.