Triton Wireless Mixer

Triton Showers has launched its HOST wireless digital mixer.

The contemporary wireless panel is available in black, white or cloud grey, with a clear digital display that allows users to choose one of three pre-set programmes, or select their own custom settings.

Affordable Style mix and match accessory items means HOST can be combined with a number of fixed showerheads, secondary handsets and holders.

Alternatively, all in one packs are available, equipped with the most popular combinations. The unit is suitable for every type of application, from brand new bathrooms to replacing a previous digital showers, and comes with a choice of one or two outlets, all with push-fit fittings.

The unit’s wireless controls also allow for second-fix either on the wall of choice, in the centre of a tile, or on the grout line. An optional portable wireless remote (with warm-up function) is available for bedside tables or a magnetic wall mounts. HOST promises superior flow rates than a standard brass mixer when used with a gravity-fed cylinder and more precise temperature control when paired with a combi or mains fed cylinder.

Steve Saunders, Senior Technical Manager at Triton Showers, commented: “As the digital market goes from strength to strength, we recognise how important it is that the industry keeps up with ever-changing customer demand. HOST gives retailers access to a versatile, high spec, product that will help them to take advantage of this growth while providing a welcome additional cash margin.”

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