TOTO impresses at ISH


TOTO uses Japanese cultural heritage to inform new baths

Experience the feeling of wellness – anytime, every day. TOTO introduces new Floating Bathtubs (and washbasins) that promise all-round relaxation and regeneration.

How do things feel? How do we experience our everyday lives with them? TOTO uses such elementary questions to guide their development processes when creating new innovations for the bathroom. At ISH 2019, the Japanese company presented new bathtubs that transform the time spent in the bathroom each day into a rejuvenating wellness ritual. They feature uniquely innovative technologies and materials along with an exclusive design to create an all-encompassing experience of comfort.

A bathtub is an absolutely essential part of Japanese bathrooms. According to one tradition, people absorb nature’s energy by taking a hot bath – especially in an onsen, one of the many hot springs found throughout Japan. TOTO celebrates this idea of gaining energy and regenerating in the onsen by presenting its new Recline Comfort.: A new technology based on extensive ergonomic studies that allows for maximum relaxation. TOTO is introducing this technology for the first time with its new Floating Bathtub.

Recline Comfort – pure relaxation

A bath in the new Floating Bathtub promises pure relaxation. These are available in roundand angular designs, and both feature TOTO’s new Recline Comfort technology: The inner shape of the bathtub puts the bather’s body in an ideal position for relaxation. An ergonomically shaped headrest allows the shoulders and head to relax fully. The body reclines as in a comfortable embrace, keeping the natural S-curve of the spine from the nape of the neck to the lumbar vertebrae – for deep relaxation, and an all-encompassing feeling of tranquillity and lightness.

A footrest was also designed in the scope of the ergonomic studies that provided the basis for Recline Comfort. It can also be used as a child’s seat – making it possible for two people, ideally an adult and a child, to comfortably enjoy the bath together.

Each model is equipped with two handgrips to provide comfortable armrests while bathingand help bathers stand up when finished.

About TOTO Europe GmbH

TOTO focuses on people and their well-being, developing products that combine modern design and extensive expertise. The Japanese company perfects its technologies over decades, incorporating them into innovative products in an understated, easy-to-use way. Established in Kitakyushu, Japan in 1917, TOTO has been developing, producing and marketing its comprehensive high-end bathroom concepts for the European market since 2009. The company aims to create a new attitude towards life through regeneration, comfort and hygiene.

TOTO products integrate technologies into their designs in a smart, nearly invisible way, while prioritising hygiene, resource conservation and comfort. Japan’s leading manufac- turer in the sector, TOTO offers a comprehensive range of products including ceramic sanitary ware, faucets and accessories – all created in close collaboration with renowned designers. The company celebrated its 100th birthday in 2017 and was named the World’s No.1 Brand* for shower toilet sales by international market research institute Euromonitor International. TOTO employs 30,000 people world-wide.

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** Source: Euromonitor International Limited, commissioned analysis of July to September 2018 sales volumes in countries with over 87% of the world’s electronic toilet seats with incorporated bidets in 2017