Sustainable innovation from Laufen

Sustainable bathroom design is becoming increasingly important to homeowners, especially with more consumers now demanding ‘Eco-friendly’ bathroom solutions. Laufen offers an innovative solution to water saving for example, with the new VAL Brassware collection. The VAL basin mixers feature an Eco+ function. This ensures that the operating lever is always in the cold-water range on the middle setting, preventing unwanted hot water and energy consumption.

In addition to the basin mixers, the Val bath and shower mixers also feature the Eco+ function, which indicates the temperature and the flow rate of the water. In both the horizontal and vertical movement of the lever a resistance can be felt as soon as the energy-saving zone is left. If this resistance is overcome, the maximum temperature and water volume are available. This way, water and energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30%.

The market for eco-friendly products and sustainable solutions continues to evolve at a steady pace, pushing innovations in this sector. Laufen places priority on environmentally-friendly production, using resources (energy, raw material and water) in the most effective way throughout the whole manufacturing process. This optimization of resources needed for manufacturing starts during the development of new product concepts and throughout their technical development.

Laufen products feature the latest energy and water-saving technologies, such as the newest generation of water-saving WCs: several Laufen toilets flush use an optional 4.5 or 3 litres dual flush system as opposed to 6 or 3 litres conventional WCs.

The company also has particularly efficient urinals that require no more than 1 litre of water for flushing. For the public sector, it even has urinals with a special low-maintenance siphon: 0-litre solution.

At this year’s ISH, the leading bathroom trade event in Frankfurt, Laufen will reveal their very latest sustainability initiative which will showcase the brand’s very latest, ground-breaking innovation in this space.