Star Modular range from Utopia

“Aesthetically pleasing curves, tactile Coralux solid surface and dramatic bursts of accent colour make Star a showstopper in any bathroom.” Richard Shore, Head of Design at Utopia Bathrooms.

With Star, Utopia’s Head of Design Richard Shore was aiming to embrace the visual beauty that comes from simplicity. To which he has added notes of retro eclecticism creating a beautiful collection with just a subtle hint of 70s’ curves. 

Luxurious Coralux solid surface is the perfect material for Star. Pleasing to the touch and the eye, this versatile material has allowed the creation of a fabulous basin with a soft, organic shape and slim profile. The double drawer washbasin unit has LED illumination underneath offering a contrast of vibrancy and texture with striking colour options of Copper, Nickel or Indigo flashes set against the white Coralux solid surface.

The top drawer has three sections for organising small accessories and delicate items while the deep bottom drawer has high sided runners to contain taller items.

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