Sanifos – now with VORTEX

Saniflo UK has launched a new version of the popular Sanifos lifting station. Now featuring blade-free VORTEX technology, the Sanifos sits below ground outside the building and pumps waste when drainage requirements are too low for the sewer or for a surface mounted pumping station.

There are 3 models – the Sanifos 110, 250 and 500 – which were originally launched with the renowned Saniflo shredding blades to condense waste and allow it to pass through the discharge pipes. Whilst the blades continue to be a mainstay for many installers, Saniflo has now launched a VORTEX system for customers who prefer blade-free operation.  The two larger units can be specified with VORTEX which allows for a clear passage of 50mm and is appropriate for high flows.

With a vortex version of the Sanifos there is no need to macerate. It’s a system preferred by some installers who believe it can eliminate clogging issues from prohibited items being flushed away. In reality the performance of both bladed and vortex pumps is the same.  However, peace of mind for customers managing public spaces is important because clogging can lead to unwanted downtime and associated maintenance costs. Whilst both products are equally efficient at discharging waste, it is personal preference which system is chosen. Saniflo offers both systems to ensure customer choice.

The unit is popular with builders looking for a solution to discharge waste from areas without traditional gravity drainage and means that sites that are below mains drains can still be developed. Whether this is a single dwelling, multi-storey or commercial building that incorporates kitchen, bathrooms and catering areas the new Sanifos with Vortex can help to make use of spaces previously deemed inaccessible.  

The Sanifos 500 is also now available as a three phase model to provide even greater performance in industrial applications and is supplied with a Smart Monitoring System complete with remote alarm unit.        

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