Roca's forward thinking solutions

Bathroom manufacturing has become more sustainable over recent years and Roca has remained at the forefront of sustainable design by creating products that conserve water and protect the environment. For example, Roca has reduced the capacity of its WC cisterns to optimise water consumption and developed plumbing products that shrink energy usage. 

The majority of Roca's brassware collections including the latest ranges – Naia, Insignia and Malva – feature a number of water saving technologies. Roca has an exclusive piece of technology in its ECO disc cartridge, which helps to save water and energy. As the tap handle is raised, a slight resistance is reached at 50% of the water flow and lifting beyond this bite point produces a full flow. The cartridge includes a temperature limiter which can be set at installation to eliminate the risk of scalding. 

Cold Start technology ensures water is only heated when it is required. Traditionally, when you turn on a tap, the water will be warm. This will automatically trigger the boiler, which can be expensive and wasteful, especially in a home where multigenerational families use water at different times. 

Roca also designs innovative and forward-thinking solutions that deliver greater water savings. For instance, the ground-breaking W+W (pictured top) uses waste water from the basin to fill the WC cistern, thereby reducing water usage by up to 25% compared to a standard 6/3 litre dual-flush WC. The W+W basin has two wastes – the basin waste and one further down the waste pipe. The user has the option of either diverting it to the mains or recycling it by storing it in the cistern ready for the next flush.

In all of its brochures Roca also include easy to understand logos that highlight the key energy saving technology that is incorporated into each product.