Roca introduces In-Wash®

Roca displayed the latest in technologies, materials and trends in the bathroom industry. The manufacturer presented a new generation of In-Wash® Smart Toilets at ISH with a whole array of new functionalities, highlighting a ground-breaking dryer that has been designed based on modern aerodynamics. This technological innovation projects air in one single direction and, together with its turbo option, provides an enhanced level of drying, well beyond the standards found currently in the market. New In-Wash® models also feature state-of-the-art functionalities, such as remote control via app, UV disinfection, deodorizer and a self-opening heated seat.

Another innovation in WC’s is a new development of Roca’s successful In-Tank® technology, which integrates the cistern into the bowl itself, providing an improved level of cleanliness thanks to its brand-new Vortex flushing effect.

Integrated bathroom management 

On the stand, Roca introduced its innovative platform RocaProtect® which improves facility management, saves maintenance costs and increases customer satisfaction using the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

By putting the latest generation of technology at the service of people, the brand reaffirms the words of Roca’s Corporate Marketing Director, Carlos Velázquez: “We believe that ‘Smart’ can only really be smart by improving people’s lives.”

Anti-slip porcelain shower trays: Senceramic® by Roca

Roca also presented a new generation of shower trays based on its pioneering Senceramic® technology, an innovative material combining the unbeatable sanitary and hygienic benefits of vitreous china with a brand-new anti-slip texture and extra-slim design. Extremely resistant to wear and with a zero-porosity surface that makes cleaning easier, these shower trays are available in a wide range of colours, reach dimensions of up to 1.80 meters and can be cut to size.

Exclusive colours for ceramic, faucets and accessories

Colour was a key focus for ISH, where Roca launched its new bathroom palette.  

“Customers are using colours to design bathrooms according to their personalities and shapes of life”, states Velázquez who thinks it is natural that, “as manufacturers of any kind of product for the bathroom, we try to help them by creating colour concepts”. 

The new colour finishes for vitreous china include Beige, Coffee, Pearl and Onyx with the exclusive Everlux finish for faucets in Titanium Black, Rose Gold or Brushed Platinum. These options provide a new level to design and creativity to suit the imagination of Roca’s customers.

Technology, materials, design trends and brand-new colours make up the catalogue of Roca’s fresh proposals at ISH, without putting aside the fact that, “our focus is always to provide the best possible experience to our customers and add value to our different target groups”.

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