Reframe iF Design Award

Unidrain has received two new iF Design Awards for products within their Reframe Collection of bathroom accessories; the corner shelf and the toilet brush. 

Designed by Kenneth Waaben, the Unidrain corner shelf was selected as the best product within the Bathroom Fitting discipline and the toilet brush was awarded the iF Design Award

under the Bathroom Accessory discipline.

The toilet brush from the Reframe Collection is a reframing of a classic design. However, with this specific product, a great deal of thought was given to hygiene and ensuring that the

design could work with both a wall-mounted and a floor standing product.

The inner plastic container has a splash guard, which extends over the outer cover and ensures that no bacteria can get in between the two; in addition to this the inner container is

fitted with a ‘tap’ to make it easy to empty the container without coming into contact with bacteria. The brush head is designed to collect as little water and paper as possible, thus reducing unwanted dripping of toilet water.

The Reframe corner shower or bath shelf is ideal for smaller bathrooms, whilst still providing adequate space for essential bathroom products.

“We are delighted to have been awarded not one but two iF Design Awards for our Reframe Collection. The Unidrain ethos and attention to detail that is prevalent our linear drains was incorporated into the Reframe Collection by designer Kenneth Waaben in the most exciting way, which we are sure has helped us secure these marvellous awards.” Birgitte Arendsdorf Olsen, Marketing Manager Unidran.