New Duravit Stonetto

With the appearance of water-worn stone, the Stonetto shower tray has created a completely new, authentic look. In addition to three stone shades (white, sand and anthracite), Stonetto is now also available in the colour Concrete. Washbasin: DuraSquare (Design by Duravit) Bathtub made of DuraSolid: DuraSquare (Design by Duravit) Faucet: C.1 (Design by Kurt Merki Jr.)

The Stonetto shower tray, too, is setting the tone in colour terms: in addition to the stone shades white, sand, and anthracite, the successful collaboration between Duravit and the Viennese design group EOOS is now available in the colour concrete, which creates a new and fresh effect within the room.

The Stonetto is matt and at the same time anti-slip and scratch-proof. Stonetto is made from Durasolid Q, a high-grade cast mineral material. Stonetto is also impressive in functional terms. Its high surface hardness and density mean that the shower tray is extraordinarily resistant to damage and dirt.

The barely visible slope of the tray enables water to drain away perfectly. Even large quantities of water flow quickly through the powerful drain. The homogenous covering enables ease of cleaning. Stonetto can be installed flush with the floor, recessed or floor-mounted. Duravit also supplies Stonetto in twelve sizes.