New Duravit mirror range

With immediate effect, Duravit has launched the "Light and Mirrors" product series, a new, modular range of mirrors that meet a host of requirements in terms of comfort and practicality. The light profile, switch system, size and mirror heating can be individually selected to meet personal needs. The entire mirror portfolio is compatible with all Duravit products and provides impressive value.

There are three different light profiles to choose from: ambient light on all four sides, an illuminated area at the top edge of the mirror or two areas at the sides for optimum lighting scenarios.
All three light profiles are available in several design variants. For the ‘Good’ version, Duravit offers a classic wall-mounted switch.

Alternatively, for the ‘Better’ variant, they can be supplied with a sensor switch on the lower edge of the mirror. The sensor switch, ambient light at the lower edge for washing-area illumination, and mirror heating offer maximum comfort in the ultimate ‘Best’ mirror.