New Closomat flushplates

A loo that claims to deliver the ultimate in intimate care can also deliver the ultimate in future-proofed and stylish bathroom design, through developments in flushing technology.

The Asana is the latest multi-functional WC to be designed and engineered by Closomat. It combines shower toilet assistive technology (integrated douching and drying) for able and disabled alike, with contemporary styling- which extends right through to the flush operating mechanisms.

Closomat has deliberately offered a range of flush plates that suit manual dexterity or design preference. Users can push-button on the side of the toilet or via the remote control included as standard, hand operate the chrome-plated pneumatic dual flush push plate, palm or finger press the brushed stainless steel option, or go ‘hands-free’ using intelligent infra-red technology integrated into a sleek brushed stainless steel, or gloss black plate. And, should manual dexterity deteriorate, the flush plate can be changed retrospectively.

The personalisation extends further: a range of back panels provides an aesthetic solution to conceal the cistern, and provide a mounting point for whichever flush mechanism is chosen. Waterproof laminate or toughened (safety) glass options are available in black, grey or white, enabling seamless integration into the bathroom or wetroom décor.

“Historically, particularly if they were beginning to experience a reduction in mobility, people had to choose good design or practicality. Asana represents a new approach, delivering elegance with outstanding performance in terms of wellness and intimate hygiene,” explains Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager.

“It is a unique offering, that is smart in all senses of the word. It delivers a sleek wall-hung toilet, with the latest technology in terms of operating solutions. It can be used by almost anyone, regardless of manual strength or dexterity. This makes it particularly appropriate for up-market new builds or housing adaptations, and retirement supported living or assisted living developments, and the hotel sector.”

Closomat is the UK’s leading supplier of enabling toileting technology, to help anyone- young, old, able or disabled- to achieve dignified and effective cleanliness after toileting.

Founded almost 60 years ago, and still family-owned, the company is unique in its provision, in-house, in the UK, of design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance. Closomat is also unique in the shower toilet sector in that it manufactures its ceramic pans in the UK, using premium quality British components, and hand finishes each unit in the UK, to order.

Details of the Closomat’s assistive technology toilet care offerings can be found on Closomat’s website