Multi-generational digital showers

Aqualisa’s digital range offers safe, flexible, showering solutions for multi-generational households. The range incorporates sleek design, intuitive functions and options to suit every user, from dual outlet designs to bath fills.

iLux digital has pre-sets for temperature and flow, allowing for a family of four to have their own personal shower setting. Rise Digital has family-friendly warm up, pause and timer functions.

Aqualisa digital showers are precision thermostatic – the digital valve reacts 100 times a second to control temperature fluctuations for a more even performance than standard showers. An intuitive LED display gives a clear, indication when the shower is heating or cooling and when it’s the right temperature to step into.

Dual outlet showers and bath fills offer flexibility for different members of one household. At the touch of a button, users can switch between two shower heads or a shower head and a bath fill, complete with ‘fill and forget’ function.

Cool-to-touch controls are safe and easy to use and no fiddly levers - just start/stop. Remote controls are available with all digital products, so there’s no leaning in through hot or cold water. These can be placed at a convenient height for anyone to use, including children and wheel chair users.

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