Matte Black Collection from AQATA

Historically any form of ‘industrial style' interior design has been associated with large ‘American loft style’ spaces or riverfront warehouses.  However, elements of this trend have become more accessible and this style is currently gaining popularity for use within smaller and enclosed areas, including bathrooms. 

The more obvious elements of this trend such as rough weathered surfaces, exposed brick and pipework are often too industrial for what after all is a home.  However, muted, softer versions of this look can work well.  By removing the ‘harsh’ element, yet keeping structured regular patterns, on a clear, crisp glass surface in a striking bold black finish the new Matte Black Collection from AQATA creates a fresh more accessible industrial look for a shower screen.  Available with matte black profiles and steady bars, there are also three glass patterns; grid, horizontal and border designs.

The industrial trend especially appeals to the next generation of home owners who want to put their stamp on new builds and refurbishments alike.  The calmer industrial look of AQATA’S new Matte Black Collection is a step away from the recent natural, soft Nordic and Scandi trends, without needing to fully embrace rough exposed brickwork and bare pipes. 

AQATA have embraced the new trend, by adding industrial bold black patterns to clear glass shower screens. The patterns on these striking screens have a smooth finish, as they are applied to the glass before the toughening process, meaning they are also easy to clean.  All the screens in the new Matte Black Collection are suitable for power showers and can be used in conjunction with shower trays or wetrooms.


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