High level WC from Burlington

If authentic period detail is a must, a traditional high level WC is the only option  (TEST The is a teaser break).

Burlington Bathrooms are experts when it comes to nostalgia – combining yesteryear design with the finest in modern technology.The high level flush range offers seven designs, including three with aluminium high level cisterns (brushed aluminium, black and white). There are also plain ceramic pans and cisterns and elegant English Garden which displays striking yet soft flowers on both the WC bowl, the cisterns and the basin.

Another modern touch is the use of a Nano-glaze inside the bowl. Nano-glaze reduces microscopic pores in the ceramic surface, making it smooth and virtually non-stick. This clever idea makes cleaning easier and helps to keep the bowl in pristine condition.

The impressive angled pipe design creates space for the pan under the window, whilst the high level cistern sits on the adjacent wall. All flush pipes are supplied with an adjustable brass spacer clip with a rubber buffer. The clever feature is the adjustability - so the spacer can be used on half height tiling, a dado rail or simply a standard wall. Visit the website, or call for further information +44 (0)1322 473222