GROHE's Sensia Arena delivers design & performance

Innovation and smart technology are transforming the modern day home, bringing a new dimension of design and performance.

As one of the most frequented rooms of the home, GROHE is developing smart solutions for the bathroom that make life easier for the family, as well as offering eco-credentials, and improved performance and comfort.

Smart toilets just like GROHE’s Sensia Arena are the norm in Asia and the many appealing benefits of such an innovative bathroom feature are beginning to generate demand in Europe too. Not only does a smart toilet offer fundamental sanitary benefits with its array of hygiene technologies such as a powerful Triple Vortex flush and an advanced germ-resistant coating, its forward-thinking functionalities will most certainly add value to any bathroom for years to come.

The Sensia Arena features two self-cleaning spray heads with adjustable positioning, pressure and temperature to suit each individual’s preferences, followed by a warm air dryer function, offering a complete cleaning process that eliminates the need for toilet paper.

Investing in your forever home? Shower toilets are integral to future-proofing your home, ensuring you can tend to your most personal care independently even in later life.

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