Grohe Flush Systems

A recent study from Waterwise* has found that toilet leakages account for up to 5% of overall per capita water consumption in households.

GROHE’s flush systems are designed to combat such leaks, the study states that many problems are caused by dual flush valves, all of GROHE flush valves feature a bottom seal made of neoprene, which is more resistant to water with high levels of limescale content.

GROHE’s brand new and unique Sense and Sense Guard are designed to detect leaks to protect your home from water damage. The Sense sends an alert through to your smart phone, while the Sense Guard allows you to shut off the water supply remotely.

Michael Gray, GROHE UK Product Manager, comments, “All GROHE products are made with the highest German quality and this is reflected in our long life flush systems, designed to perform sustainability and efficiently throughout their lifespans. We are committed to helping our customers protect their home from the often costly and upsetting problem of water damage and therefore all of our products go through rigorous testing before coming to market. Our new Sense and Sense Guard are designed for ultimate peace of mind, allowing homeowners to stop water flow before any real damage is done”.

*For the full Waterwise study, please see here.