Eon wellness by Novellini

Eon wellness by Novellini is a spa/steam cubicle designed to enhance wellbeing. 

The shower is not just a shower, thanks to a variety of wellness functions, for example, the shower heads in Novellini's fitted showers have been designed to deliver all the benefits of water massage. Novellini showers have three functions that allow the massage action to be determined according to user needs. The ability to direct the spray also means the shower is capable of delivering a personalized hydro-massage.

The treatments are designed to create different effects: calming with warm water and gentle jets, invigorating with cold water and energetic jets, or a combined Swedish option, created by alternating hot and cold jets of water.

Novellini showers can also be fitted with other well-being functions such as the moist steam sauna, hydro-massage, stand-up massage, cervical massage and orthopedic massage. 

Moist Steam Sauna

The moist steam sauna is a pleasant mist of aqueous vapor is deposited on the skin, it facilitates perspiration, softens the skin, and relaxes the muscles for total well-being. The moist steam sauna also cleanses and re-hydrates the skin, making it softer and smoother and eliminating acids and toxins, this system complements anti-cellulite treatments. 


The Hydro-massage setting delivers a pressurized micro-massage that makes the most of hydro flux and air bubbles, this also helps eliminate toxins and invigorates the body. Rotojet is a single vortex of water for an energetic massage and includes a vaporizer: a gentle and relaxing concentrated water jet, different programs can be achieved according to their configuration:


Novellini's Eon also boasts multi-sensory and well-being benefits such as Chroma Light, Aromatherapy and Music Therapy.

Chroma light

Chroma therapy is a treatment that acts by light irradiation. Multifunctional Novellini showers are fitted with a system of internal led lighting that can be activated with random or programmed sequences. Warm colors for an energizing effect and cool colors for a calming effect.


A cloud of perfumed vapor, with the double psycho-physical effect of relaxation of the mind and body. Novellini fitted showers have an essence holder that is inserted directly on to the nozzle where the vapor comes out. Choose the aroma of cedar, citrus or oriental spices to regenerate, and lemon or lavender to relax the mind.

Music Therapy

A better mind-body equilibrium is achieved by listening to music in moments of absolute relaxation. Novellini multifunctional showers are endowed with an internal system of sound diffusion that deliver varied sources depending on the mode.

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