Duravit walk-in shower + bath

There are numerous reasons to have a bath and shower in the same room especially when it comes to multi-generational living. This can take the form of  a walk-in wet room style showering space that can work alongside a traditional bath, however, if space is an issue the Walk-in Shower + Bath from Duravit is an ideal alternative.

Designed by EOOS, this walk-in shower and bathtub has an integrated glass door which easily transforms the bathtub into an accessible open shower. The door opens towards the inside of the bathtub, where it disappears under a waterproof cushion and remains invisible.

The rectangular form and steep sloping sides ensure plenty of room to move when showering. The shower is surrounded by a generous glass enclosure, which can be selected in optional mirrored glass. This is an ideal option for multi-generational living as the cushion can be moved along the entire length of the bathtub forming a comfortable seat when showering; it can be repositioned to create additional shelf space and also serves as an adjustable backrest when relaxing in the bath.

If a bath is not required the preferred option would be a large wet room style shower, ideally featuring an anti-slip surface and concealed drain, such as the Stonetto from Duravit. This can be installed flush with the floor, recessed or surface mounted. A new outlet system, made from matt DuraSolid® has been developed for the shower tray that guarantees excellent drainage, making  Stonetto ideal for the heavier water flow from spray heads and rain showerheads.

The style of showerhead is important, shower sets with a hand shower, hose and rail with a height-adjustable mounting are standard; however, models such as the complete system in the C.1 tap fitting collection have an additional showerhead. This practical all-in-one solution offers an enjoyable showering experience and is available as a solution for renovations without requiring complex in-wall work. It includes a showerhead (240mm), hand shower (120mm) and thermostat or single-lever showerhead mixer. Thermostat-controlled faucets guarantee a constant water temperature.


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