Cayonoplan Shower Surface

Kaldewei’s Cayonoplan offers a contemporary solution when it comes to designing a nearly flat shower surface, without putting too much pressure on the builder’s budget. It equally benefits young families and those modernising existing buildings, particularly older ones.

The enamelled shower surface can be quickly and easily installed – onto a tiled floor, if necessary. With 19 different dimensions, the Cayonoplan also comes in a generous range of sizes.

The rim height of the Cayonoplan has been designed in such a way that all sides of the shower surface can be placed absolutely flat on the floor. An all-round profile further heightens the sense of maximum safety while showering. The laterally positioned waste outlet offers several advantages: firstly it ensures maximum showering comfort because of the spacious standing area; secondly the Cayonoplan can be easily and inexpensively installed in place of a bathtub that is no longer wanted because thanks to the waste outlet’s position.

For even more diversity, the Cayonoplan is available in all matt shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection.