Bette's hidden overflow

With the launch of the BetteLux Shape bath in 2015, Bette introduced a new type of electronic waste and overflow system called BetteSensory, which removes the need for a visible bath overflow. The company is now adding this option to other baths in its portfolio.

Bette teamed up with drainage experts Viega, to create the BetteSensory, which allows the smooth Bette enamel to be enjoyed without being interrupted by an overflow. Developed specifically for the BetteLux Shape bath, it can now also be fitted to baths in the BetteLux, BetteLux Oval, BetteArt, BetteFree, and BetteOne collections, as well as all Highline and Silhouette designs.

"Our aim was to allow other baths in our portfolio to enjoy the pure look of steel/enamel," explains Thilo C. Pahl, the company's Managing Director. "Without the usual type of overflow, the sides of the bath can enter a higher level of aesthetic beauty."

The BetteSensory also makes it easier to clean the bath as there is no overflow outlet to clean around. Even without an overflow, the bath cannot be over-filled, the minimum and maximum water levels are pre-set during manufacturing, but can also be adjusted when the bath is installed.

The sophisticated design of the electronically regulated waste and overflow system also ensures that water drains away safely, each and every time.

The system is installed beneath the bath, hidden from view. The fittings are delivered pre-adjusted to fit the specific bath design, allowing installation to be carried out as easily as possible. BetteSensory operates via a connection to an electric power supply, and also has a back-up battery to tide the system over safely during a power cut.

Bette products are available from bathroom showrooms nationwide.

For more information visit the website or telephone 0844 800 0547.