BetteLoft & BetteLoft Ornament

Bette is launching two contrasting bath designs, both with an underlying architectural, pared-down and comfortable shape, but with very different styles and design.

The built-in BetteLoft bath features an extremely slim rim and is suitable for flush installation, while the BetteLoft Ornament (pictured) is a large free-standing bath with statement geometric embossing. Matching washbasins, also in glazed titanium steel, are available for both.

The slim bath rim measures only 8 mm, making the bath suitable for flush installation and allowing the creation of highly exclusive and individual bathrooms.
The built-in BetteLoft bath is available in the three sizes: 170 x 80cm, 180 x 80cm and 190 x 90cm, all with a depth of 42cm. Also available is a built-in washbasin, which measures 80 x 49.5 x 0.8cm and features an all-round rim, offering plenty of space for toiletries.

The BetteLoft Ornament is a large free-standing bath that creates an optical highlight in the bathroom and demonstrates the tremendous adaptability of glazed titanium steel.

The BetteLoft Ornament bath measures 181 x 81cm. A wall-hung washbasin with the exterior in the same geometric pattern, is also available in two sizes and pattern options. The BetteLoft Ornament washbasin with a single row of ornamentation measures 82.5 x 52.5x 12.5cm, while a version with four rows of ornamentation measures 81 x 51 x 42 cm.

The BetteLoft collection is available immediately following ISH. For more information visit the website or telephone 0844 800 0547.