Aqualisa's spa-style shower

Aqualisa Infinia is the new, spa-style shower with an ultra-low profile control plate and unique customisable control dials. A strong design aesthetic combines with advanced precision performance based on Aqualisa’s award-winning technology.

The control plate of just 2.5mm sits flush to the wall housing temperature and water flow controls that can be pre-set. Intuitive LED lighting indicates when the shower is at the chosen temperature and operation can also be activated by a secondary, remote control sited up to 10m away.

Infinia is a modular product that can be configured as a single or twin outlet shower operated by the touch of a button. Typically this would include a fixed drencher head for a full-on home spa experience and a height adjustable shower head.

Three different shapes of control dial are available in two finishes, chrome or white, allowing for customisation to contrast or co-ordinate with bathroom fittings.

Designed by Ian Gell, Aqualisa Senior Design Engineer, Infinia is made from high quality chrome coated brass and hand assembled in the UK.

·Five year parts and labour guarantee
·Easy to install with minimal disruption to bathroom walls