Aqualisa: Multi-generational showers

Aqualisa smart showers offer the ultimate in accessible, safe, showering.

Water temperature is automatically checked 100 times per second to ensure a consistent temperature. Divert options with two outlets offer flexibility for different showering needs within one household. The preferred outlet can be set to start first each time and at the touch of a button, users can switch between outlets - two shower heads or a shower head and a bath fill, complete with a ‘fill and forget’ function so there is no danger of overflow.

Remote controls are synonymous with Aqualisa smart showers, so there’s no leaning in through hot or cold water. These can be placed up to 10m away at a convenient height for anyone to use, including children and wheel chair users.

The latest Aqualisa launch, Q™ EDITION, is operated via a high resolution screen with large, easily readable icons.

A proximity sensor activates the controls and users can easily create and save personal shower experiences, all based on a combination of duration, temperature, flow and outlet.