App-controlled shower toilet

With the design of the Sensia® Arena, GROHE has used its unique expertise to unveil a new generation of highly advanced technologies that define a new standard for the future of personalised, clean comfort.

The new GROHE Sensia® Arena harnesses the gentle and effective cleansing benefits of water to help deliver optimum hygiene levels in the bathroom. This means harsh toilet paper is never needed again. The shower toilet features the latest in technology, including app control which allows you to create and remember your personal profile on any Sensia® Arena anywhere in the world.

Users can simply download the GROHE Spalet app on their smart phone to programme their specific preferences to their individual profiles. The app allows for precise, personalised control, letting users choose from a range of spray settings, nozzle position and water temperature.

The Sensia® Arena also comes with a range of innovative features such as a personalised shower spray including light or full volume, massage and oscillating spray patterns, a triple vortex flush for maximum cleanliness, automatic lid opening and LED lighting for middle of the night toilet trips