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New BetteLux Oval Circular built-in washbasin
View image of New BetteLux Oval  Circular built-in washbasinBette has enhanced the BetteLux Oval range to include a circular built-in washbasin.

The new washbasin offers a wide variety of options for the bathroom design; in private bathrooms as well as in hotels and other public bathrooms. The BetteLux Oval basin has an organic interior design without corners and edges. Thanks to its circular shape, the generously sized (50 cm) washbasin fits elegantly into any bathroom.

The BetteLux Oval is highly durable. Titanium-steel is extremely hard, retains its shape permanently and is scratch and impact-resistant.

Its special hygienic characteristics are a major advantage of glazed titanium-steel: bacteria and grime have no chance of settling on the smooth surface. As a result, neither chemicals nor aggressive cleaning agents are needed for cleaning purposes. Glazed titanium-steel can simply be washed down, which makes cleaning easy and is good for the environment.

BetteLux Oval is available in a variety of sanitaryware colours and selected matt shades.

For more information visit the website or telephone 0844 800 0547.

Date added: May 15, 2017

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