The inside track on bathroom products, design and trends

The inside track on bathroom products, design and trends.

Each month we speak leading figures within the bathroom industry to bring you their thoughts on bathroom design trends for their sector.

Aaron Bourne

Showers: From digital to smart

At Aqualisa, we are now describing our digital showers as 'smart' mixer showers. We believe that smart more accurately describes the proactive benefits of the category, such as such as automatically checking water temperature 100 times per second.

Aaron Bourne, Design and Innovation Manager at Aqualisa

Six of the best showers, trays & enclosures

Date added: Mar 29, 2017

Raffaela De Vittorio

Geberit talks toilets...

The toilet has come a long way from its once humble offering that was chosen purely out of necessity and not given much regard. Over the past few years the focus on the toilet has shifted, with consumers becoming increasingly aware of just how big an influence their choice of WC can have on comfort levels in the modern bathroom.

Raffaela De Vittorio, Marketing Director for Geberit

Eight of the best in WC technology & shower-toilet innovations

Date added: Feb 15, 2017

Kelly Everest

GROHE talks taps...

The bathroom market is always developing and certain brands understand the needs of consumers and cater to these with the latest technology and finishes on a wide range of products. The latest technology to the bathroom is innovative push button technology, which enables users to easily personalise their showering experience.

Kelly Everest, Marketing Communications GROHE UK

Eight of the best tap, brassware & valve ideas

Date added: May 31, 2016

Sven Rensinghoff

Bette talks trays...

The shower area has grown in importance, with consumers wanting the size and shape to be perfect for their bathroom space, and many wanting a large flush-to-floor shower area and the feeling of luxury and space that it can bring to the bathroom.

Sven Rensinghoff, Bettes Head of Marketing

Nine of the best showers, trays & enclosures

Date added: April 27, 2016

David Millon

Villeroy & Boch outlines the trends for bathrooms for the coming year

Individuality in the bathroom is a central trend for the coming year. Bespoke shapes, sizes and styles are increasingly in demand, from flush, hand-cut shower trays to an expanded range of ceramic colour options. Technology is helping to develop this trend, with virtual reality apps enabling people to plan personal needs and designs prior to purchase or installation.

David Millon, Marketing Director at Villeroy & Boch, UK & Iberia

Six of the best baths, basins & WC's

Date added: March 2, 2016

Martin Carroll

Duravit talks bathroom furniture design

A key bathroom trend that will not date is comfort for all stages of life. This means products that enhance life in the bathroom; they are intuitive to use, easy to clean and deliver the highest standards in design and quality.

Martin Carroll, Managing Director for Duravit UK

Six of the best bathroom furniture design ideas

Date added: January 28, 2016

Tony Rheinberg

Bathroom evolution means cat-walk beauty must complement functionality

Bathroom design has evolved and is now dictated by social, economic and cultural trends, integrating both form and function, picking up influences from wider style and catwalk trends, all combined to meet the demands of modern day living.

Tony Rheinberg, Channel Manager for Hotels, Sottini

Nine of the best from Sleep Event 2015

Date added: December 12, 2015

Joel Butler

Sleep celebrates hotel design & ignites debate

Sleep enjoyed record breaking visitor, VIP and delegate numbers. There were more installations than ever and stand renewal for 2016 exceeded all expectations. But perhaps most exciting of all, was the re-occurring comment that Sleep 'raised the bar'.

Joel Butler, Event Manager for Sleep

Nine of the best from Sleep Event 2015

Date added: December 12, 2015

Stephen Maley Hewi

Hewi talks accessiblity

According to Hewi beautifully crafted accessibility solutions serve to help disguise disability where appropriate and de-stigmatise the accessibility bathroom. Hewi maintain their accessibility solutions are not products that their users are embarrassed by.

Stephen Maley, UK Sales Director for Hewi explains

Six of the best accessibility products

Date added: November 19, 2015

Joanne Savage

Aqualisa talks bathroom showers

As British bathrooms are generally small and lacking in natural light, trends past and present are all about creating a sense of space and order. The idea of the bathroom as a wellness centre started in European spas and is now a distinct trend in the UK.

Joanne Savage, Aqualisa Brand and Design Director explains

Nine of the best showers, trays and enclosures to reach the market

Date added: October 21, 2015

Sam Ball Utopia

Utopia talks bathroom space saving design

With the typical British bathroom measuring approximately the same as a king-size bed, innovative space-saving furniture and sanitaryware is vitally important to make the most of these compact spaces.

Sam Ball, Marketing Manager, Utopia Furniture Group Ltd explains

July Feature: six of the best space-saving products for your bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite

Date added: July 15, 2015

Sean Foley Pegler Yorkshire

Pegler Yorkshire talks bathroom taps

Its important that manufacturers continue to listen to consumers and deliver above their expectations in both taps style and functionality. And, as such, consumers will continue to ensure brassware is high on the priority list for both kitchen or bathroom upgrades as well as total refurbishments.

Sean Foley, Taps Market Manager for Pegler Yorkshire explains

May Feature: six of the best taps & brassware products

Date added: May 20, 2015

Sven Rensinghoff

Bette talks baths

While shower areas are continuing to get larger and sleeker, baths are becoming even more important as a key luxury item. Exceptional baths are taking centre stage in the bathroom and provide the luxury both in terms of design and experience.

Sven Rensinghoff, Bettes Head of Marketing explains

April Feature: nine of the best baths, basins & WCs

Date added: April 30, 2015

Georgina Spencer

Roca talks bathroom sanitaryware

For the consumer, bathroom design is likely to start by selecting a statement washbasin or bathtub and then building the rest of the space around these, either to complement or to contrast.

Georgina Spencer, Marketing Manager for Roca Group (UK) explains

April Feature: nine of the best baths, basins & WCs

Date added: April 30, 2015

Andrew Sharp

Why ISH Frankfurt is so important for Villeroy & Boch

ISH Frankfurt is always exciting for everyone at Villeroy & Boch. Its the first opportunity to receive feedback on the work of our designers and we know that this has an impact when new launches exceed the expectations of visitors.

Andrew Sharp, Contract Specification Manager Villeroy & Boch explains.

March Feature: nine of the best from ISH 2015

Date added: April 2, 2015

Stefan Seitz

ISH fair marks a new high for energy efficiency

According to Stefan Seitz, Brand Manager of ISH, this year`s event recorded a new high for the number of exhibitors and exhibition space occupied.

Stefan Seitz, Brand Manager for ISH explains.

March Feature: nine of the best from ISH 2015

Date added: April 2, 2015

David Osborne

Roman talks bathroom shower trends for 2015

When it comes to general bathroom trends in 2015, minimalist product design with thicker glass is remaining the popular choice particularly at the higher end of the market.

David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman explains

March Feature: nine of the best shower & enclosure products

Date added: March 26, 2015

Faye Rainey

Britton Bathrooms talks bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture has come a long way in recent years. Well-travelled consumers look for furniture that performs well, is built to last and will look exceptional for years to come.

Mandip Shanker, Brand Development and Marketing Manager for Britton Bathrooms explains

January Feature: six of the best bathroom furniture designs

Date added: January 28, 2015

Mandip Shanker

Increased demand in the hotel industry cultivates a need for high-end design

The Sleep Exhibition for us this 2014 was a great event. It allowed Hansgrohe to use the show as a platform to showcase new innovations and for visitors to touch and feel the products. Each year Sleep gives us an opportunity to continue to talk to the hospitality market, to gain vital insight, to discuss where new contacts need support and bathroom expertise as well as gain feedback on our new collections.

Mandip Shanker, Hansgrohe Marketing Channel Manager Projects explains

December Feature: nine of the best from Sleep 2014

Date added: December 5, 2014

Jeff Williams

Ideal Standard is backing BMAs Hot Water Burns Like Fire campaign

Scalding can be deadly serious, particularly for the vulnerable very young and the very old. While the last place you would expect deadly accidents to occur is in your bathroom, it remains a shocking fact that people do die in the bathroom from scalding accidents due to uncontrolled hot water.

Jeff Williams, Ideal Standards Fittings Category Manager explains

November Feature: eight of the best water-safety & anti-scald products

Date added: November 20, 2014

Yvonne Orgill

The BMA says there is no excuse for scalding

I never fail to be shocked when I hear of another scalding accident in the bathroom. In fact it makes me hopping mad to see that such terrible accidents still occur. The statistics are truly awful but there is no excuse. Each time a scalding takes place, through uncontrolled hot water, someones life is changed, forever. Its so upsetting and so unnecessary.

Yvonne Orgill, Chief Executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association explains

November Feature: eight of the best water-safety & anti-scald products

Date added: November 20, 2014

Paul Ahearne

KOHLER talks showers

The showering market continues to respond to the consumer need for flexibility. Soothing fixed head aeration technology is now widely available, but there is still a need for a more forceful spray to achieve deeper cleansing. Modern shower columns mean that there is no longer a need to compromise.

Paul Ahearne, Market Analyst for Kohler UK explains

October Feature: eight of the best en-suite, cloakroom & space-saving products

Date added: October 23, 2014

Tim Wood

Mereway Bathrooms talks bathroom space saving solutions

Bathroom furniture offers the ideal solution to saving space in the bathroom. Products that maximise storage and hide away clutter at the same time make the most of any available space. With more and more cosmetic and cleansing products (both male and female) it has become increasingly important to provide valued storage.

Tim Wood,Sales & Marketing Director, Mereway Bathrooms explains

July Feature: eight of the best en-suite, cloakroom & space-saving products

Date added: July 24, 2014

Georgina Spencer

Roca talks sanitaryware

Trends in sanitaryware have shifted over the past few years, and this has brought about something of a change in how consumers are likely to make a purchase too. While homeowners generally like a co-ordinated look in their bathroom suite, there is rarely a one size fits all solution for every bathroom.

Georgina Spencer, Marketing Manager for Roca Group (UK) explains

May Feature: nine of the best baths, basins & WCs

Date added: May 21, 2014

Sean Foley

Challenges facing bathroom brassware supplies and the industry

The next few years will see changes in water efficiency best practice introduced internationally, meaning manufacturers will be under increasing pressure to develop products that fulfil legislative and social responsibility requirements.

Sean Foley, product marketing manager at Pegler Yorkshire

April Feature: eight of the best taps and brassware ideas

Date added: Apr 30, 2014

Wayne Dance

A successful exhibition requires hard work, clever marketing and POS for the retailer

An exhibition is a showcase not only for your products but also gives you a platform to engage with retailers, demonstrating that you will be the best partner for them now and in the future, willing to work closely to make their business, and yours, a success.

Wayne Dance, Managing Director, InHouse Inspired Room Design UK representatives for Schller and Pelipal explains

April Feature: Nine of the best from kbb 2014

Date added: Apr 04, 2014

Leanne Martin

Ideal Standard talks shower enclosures

Shower enclosure design has improved tremendously as a result of this social shift and they are now becoming a real statement feature in the bathroom. Many manufacturers are paying more attention to the details and the overall showering experience with a multitude of showerheads, variable flow rates, controls and dials, flexible sizes, lighting and screens to choose from. Consumers have never had so much choice and now there is an option for almost every bathroom size.

Leanne Martin, Category Manager at Ideal Standard explains

March Feature: Nine of the best shower, tray & enclosure ideas

Date added: Mar 19, 2014

Dennis Goodes

Astracast talks Bathroom Inclusive Design

Demographics have been telling us for years that the population is ageing and most of us in the bathroom market now recognise this as an area of potential growth, if the product offer is right. But how big is the market? Is it really a growth market? And what are the markets demographics, for it does have its own micro channels and specialisms within it.

Dennis Goodes, Consultant & Advisor in Specialist Bathing at Astracast explains

February Feature: Nine of the best ideas for inclusive design

Date added: Feb 26, 2014

Martin Carroll

Duravit talks bathroom furniture design

Over the past three years, furniture has become one of the strongest growth areas for bathrooms and more often than not, it is included as part of the overall bathroom sale. Every bathroom has at least one basin so vanity units will continue on this upward trend as they offer a 2 in 1 solution for hiding pipework and providing storage.

Martin Carroll, Sales Director of Duravit explains

January Feature: Eight of the best bathroom furniture designs

Date added: Jan 23, 2014

Sandra Hyde

Aesthetics, safety & practicality are key elements for hotel design

Selecting high quality, reliable products not only minimises who-life maintenance and replacement costs, but also adds to the feel of an opulent, luxurious and relaxing space that will heighten each guest's memorable experience. This increases the probability of a recommendation and, maybe, a repeat booking.

Sandra Hyde, Marketing Manager Aqualux Products Ltd explains

December Feature: Nine of the best from Sleep 2013

Date added: Dec 12, 2013

Kali Nicholson

A Record High for Sleep 2013!

We are delighted with the increased visitor numbers from the UK and across the globe this year. It was the best looking Sleep ever, thanks to the handpicked exhibitor line-up and the tremendous effort from the exhibitors and Sleep Hotel teams.

Kali Nicholson, Brand Director of Sleep 2013 explains

December Feature: Nine of the best from Sleep 2013

Date added: Dec 12, 2013

Dr Alison Booth

Astracast Bathing Division talks water-saving

As more companies sign up to the European water label scheme, over the next year were sure to see a marketing drive empowering the consumer to make an informed choice when buying products for the bathroom.

Dr Alison Booth, Marketing Manager for Astracast Bathing Division explains

November Feature: Six of the best water-saving ideas for your bathroom

Date added: Nov 27, 2013

Yvonne Orgill

Labelling for water-using products is here to stay

Latest estimates suggest that Europe is heading towards a drought and that it will run dry in 2050, so whether youre a cynic or a supporter labelling for water-using products is here to stay.

Yvonne Orgill, Chief Executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) explains

November Feature: Six of the best water-saving ideas for your bathroom

Date added: Nov 27, 2013

Stuart Gizzi

Inta talks shower trends for 2013

Its a tightrope that more and more bathroom manufacturers have begun to tread in recent times - combining a sleek and stylish shower with one that makes safety paramount.

Stuart Gizzi, Managing Director at Inta explains

October Feature: Nine of the best shower, tray & enclosure ideas

Date added: Oct 26, 2013

Maha El-Kharbotly

Grohe talks accessory trends

Though GROHE specialises in taps and brassware, it is important to us that our bathroom finishes stay on trend with the accessories we design. Finishes like wood, chrome, leather and brushed steel can effortlessly co-ordinate with a wide range of bathroom styles. For example, flush plates not only look good but are easy to fit when used with a dual flush sanitary system.

Maha El-Kharbotly, UK Managing Director for GROHE explains

September Feature: Six of the best accessory ideas

Date added: Sept 26, 2013

Tim Wood

Mereway talks space-saving trends

Furniture within the bathroom offers a no brainer solution for space saving whilst taking up no additional room. Offering the ability to store products away out of sight, fitted or modular furniture creates a feeling of order and organisation, neatly storing items otherwise that would be on display, hence de-cluttering and saving space.

Tim Wood, Sales & Marketing Director Mereway Bathrooms explains

June Feature: Nine of the best space-saving solutions

Date added: June 18, 2013

Robert Laurie

A cleverly designed kitchen lets us work, rest and play

Pushing the boundaries in terms of design, production, and the materials that are used, we should always look at complete living and kitchen solutions. Our job is no longer just about making kitchens, its about changing the way we live and addressing a broader cultural perspective.

Robert Laurie, Marketing Director Poggenpohl UK explains

June Feature: Nine of the best from kbb 2013

Date added: June 18, 2013

Andy Vaughan

Organisers say May Design Series exceeded expectations

Show designer, Ab Rogers, managed to make a really great looking event losing the normal trade show straight lined entrances and features and implementing the simple but hugely effective angled structures and bright colours that just made the show stunning."

Andy Vaughan, UBM Brand Manager explains

June Feature: Nine of the best from kbb 2013

Date added: June 18, 2013

David Hance

Crosswater talks tap trends for 2013

When I started Crosswater as a brass fittings Company some 15 years ago, the buzz in the market was about designer bathroom suites whilst the taps, mixers and shower fittings seemed to be also-rans.

David Hance, Group Chairman of Crosswater Holdings

May Feature: Six of the best taps & brassware

Date added: May 23, 2013

Helen Clark

Abode talks shower trends for 2013

Gone are the days when the bathroom was a place of pure functionality, it has become a room in its own right, a space that has undergone a dramatic transformation. Now it is more inclined to provide a haven from hectic lifestyles, a place for wellness or to experience the latest in bathing technology.

Helen Clark, Bathroom Category Manager for Abode

April Feature: Nine of the best shower & enclosure ideas

Date added: April 24, 2013

Richard Hickton

Richard Hickton advises how European innovation leads to UK growth

At ISH this year there was hardly a bathroom stand without a rimless WC, an innovation that has proved extremely popular in countries like Germany and France. They were once only associated with public spaces like football stadiums, however refinement of their design over the years has made them more attractive to the retail sector.

Richard Hickton, National Retail Sales Manager for Villeroy & Boch explains.

March Feature: Nine of the best from ISH Franfurt

Date added: March 28, 2013

Stefan Seitz

Organisers say ISH maintains its position as a world leading trade fair

The pivotal point of ISH 2013 and, therefore, the focal point of all product segments was the subject of resource conservation and energy efficiency.

Stefan Seitz, Brand Manager for ISH explains.

March Feature: Nine of the best from ISH Franfurt

Date added: March 28, 2013

Danielle Lewis

Ideal Bathrooms talks Inclusive Design for todays market

The term Inclusive Design is much used in todays bathroom industry, but what does it really mean to many in the bathroom business?

Danielle Lillis, Commercial Director for Ideal Bathrooms explains.

February Feature: Inclusive Design

Date added: February 27, 2013

Richard Fitzmaurice

Ellis Furniture talks bathroom trends for 2013

Homeowners, in addition to beautifully designed products that are as practical as they are visually stunning, want longevity of design and functionality for every bathroom in the home.

Richard Fitzmaurice, Marketing Manager for Ellis Furniture explains.

January Feature: Bathroom furniture design ideas

Date added: January 13, 2013

David Balmer

Hotel Bathroom Design Specification

Why hotels - boutique, five star and B&B need to commission bathrooms that deliver guest expectations.

David Balmer, Hospitality Projects Manager for Crosswater Sleep 2012 explains.

Sleep Event 2012

Date added: December 12, 2012

Kali Nicholson

Sleep organisers herald 2012 show a sell-out!

Sleep 2012 tell us they have confirmed the shows reputation as Europes favourite destination for all those involved in global design and development of hotels - by achieving yet another sell out event.

Kali Nicholson, Brand Director Sleep 2012 explains.

Sleep Event 2012

Date added: December 12, 2012

Tony Rheinberg

Stop and Think - Ideal Standards Water Saving Research 2012

More than three quarters of us wish we could waste less water in the bathroom and would like future bathrooms to be powered by renewable energy for a more eco friendly way of life. At the moment, however, our growing feeling of personal responsibility towards the environment is not being matched in actions.

Tony Rheinberg, Water Savings Expert at Ideal Standard, explains.

November Feature: The Eco Bathroom

Date added: December 4, 2012

Yvonne Orgill

The benefits of The Water Label

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to save our precious resources. When they are contemplating refurbishing their bathroom they want to install bathroom products which are super eco-efficient to try to reduce their ever-rising utility bills. They are looking for the label.

Yvonne Orgill, Chief Executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) explains.

November Feature: The Eco Bathroom

Date added: December 4, 2012

Jayne Barnes

2013 shower design trends

The hottest trends seem to be fuelled by the state of the world and the economy which has created both an awareness that we need to save the planet and a yearning for a sense of style, comfort and luxury.

Jayne Barnes, MD at Aqata explains

October Feature: Showers and Enclosures

Date added: October 24, 2012

Sofia Charalambous Bathroom Origins

Accessorise your bathroom to create inspired design

Todays bathroom needs to be so many things to so many people: no longer just a functional washroom, its a retreat, a place to relax and pamper yourself, a chance to lock the door and forget the outside World for a few precious minutes.

Sofia Charalambous, Sales & Marketing Director for Bathroom Origins explains

September Feature: Bathroom Accessory Ideas

Date added: September 18, 2012

Joanna Marston AKW

Maximise bathroom space with innovative design

As bathroom design is constantly evolving a number of key considerations remain unchanged. Companies need to ensure their latest products balance a high-end and distinctively stylish visual aesthetic with a range of functionality that really makes a difference to an individuals day-to-day bathroom experience. Joanna Marston Marketing Manager at AKW explains.

July Feature: Space Saving Ideas

Date added: July 18, 2012

Philippe Grohe from Axor Brand at Hansgrohe

Future bathroom trend designs

When it comes to future trends, the one thing I am certain of is that there wont be one single trend that everybody will follow. Our lifestyles are changing and so is the bathroom. In an increasingly fast-paced, more mobile and virtual world the bathroom is gradually turning into a living space, where we experience nature by interacting with water in a sensuous way. Philippe Grohe Head of the Axor Brand at Hansgrohe explains.

May Feature: Taps & Brassware

Date added: May 30, 2012

Maz Mazhar from Galassia UK

Better Bathrooms by Design

Design needs to be an essential part of product development, with the professional designer becoming an integral member of the production team, involved from the start of the process through to the launch of items that are not only useful, but beautiful. Maz Mazhar Managing Director of Galassia UK explains.

April Feature: Baths, Basins and WC's

Date added: Apr 30, 2012

David Osborne from Roman

The evolution of the shower enclosure

The past 10 years have been an exciting time to be involved with bathrooms. We have seen a massive shift in the design and use of the bathroom within the home. It has moved from being purely a functional room, to become the room we look to escape to and relax in. David Osborne Managing Director of Roman Ltd explains.

March Feature: Showers & Enclosures

Date added: Mar 28, 2012

Gary Stevens from Reva

Designing for accessibility

Designing for all is fast becoming a mainstream issue due to our ageing population and there are many great examples of mass market product successes for those companies that developed products to consider all from conception in their design. Gary Stevens Managing Director of Reva Industries Ltd explains.

February Feature: Inclusive Design Products

Date added: Feb 22, 2012

Wayne Dance from Pelipal

Bathroom design trends for 2012

For those seeking a softer fluid look, then 2012 is a big year for curves in the bathroom. Bathroom trends will look to European design for influence, with demand for both very contemporary designs equally balanced with demand for softer, yet undeniably glamorous curves. Wayne Dance The Managing Director of InHouse for Pelipal explains.

Janaury Feature: Bathroom Furniture Design Ideas

Date added: Jan 25, 2012

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